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Use the power of mergesort to rank your favorite Granblue SSRs.

The amount of picks increases greatly with the number of characters, so no nonplayables, Rs or SRs.

Please take this issue up with your local Cygames branch and tell them you want SSR Kition.

Keyboard controls:

During sorting: 1 - pick left | 2 - pick right | 3 - tie | 4 - undo

Before sorting: 1/2 - start | 4 - load

Most Recent Character: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (2021/04/01)
To clear autosaved sort data, click here.

Adapted by invelica (who has no idea what CSS is) from source code by execfera.
Art by SKYE, from an old game commission I should get around to.
Data from, and gratitude to, gbf.wiki. Buy them a Ko-fi!

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